5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Everyone would want to have modern designs and improve garage doors. Some of them spend a significant amount of their money on acquiring top-of-the-line doors in the industry. In some cases, homeowners don’t understand the need for regular maintenance and only seek help when things get worse.

One of the common garage door problems that most homeowners experience is faulty door openers. Just like the other parts, the openers play a crucial role in the overall functioning of a door. Even if your garage door opener is only a few years old, there are numerous benefits of investing in a new one, as explained in the section below:
1. Better Looks and Higher Property Value
Everyone would want to live in a decent and well-maintained home. One of the ways of ensuring your home has a fresh start is improving the looks of your garage door, and you can do so by replacing old door openers. People in your neighborhood will look at your home from a different perspective.

For homeowners who intend to sell their property in the future, you should consider hiring an expert to install a new door opener for your garage. By doing so, you’ll not only increase the resale value of your property but also attract more buyers. Additionally, the process of putting your home in the market will become much easier.

2. Garage Door Opener Replacement Means Reduced Noise

As the door openers become older, they tend to become noisy, and this can be inconveniencing, even for your neighbors. The worn parts vibrate and rattle when operating a garage door. Although applying lubricants can help to prevent the noise, it may be only a short term solution.

After some time, you may experience the same problem. You’ll never go wrong by getting a new opener. When shopping for new openers, you’ll realize that there are many options to choose from in the market. Regardless of the brand you choose, the new garage door opener installation is better.

3. Replace the Opener for Better Functionality

New parts come with better functionality and are more reliable than old ones. For example, they may have a backup battery and MyQ smartphone technology. The innovative feature allows garage owners to operate the doors remotely from any part of the world as long as they have a cellphone and access to the internet.

Some jurisdictions have made it mandatory for all new garage door openers to have a backup battery, and this means all builders and contractors must install backup battery systems. The law was passed after realizing that natural calamities such as wildfires in the past few years resulted in trapping of homeowners inside their garages.

The battery is also necessary if you can only access the garage through the garage door or for exterior facilities in apartments. A new opener may also have wall controls, which makes it possible for homeowners to close doors after a specified period.

If you want a quieter opener, go for the belt drive models. Some people may opt for side mount jackshaft motors as they free up the space above garage doors when in an open position.

4. You’ll Be Safer With New Door Openers

In most American homes, garages are attached to the entry points. Also, a significant percentage of the homeowners are used to entering their homes through their garages after driving into it. Some of them rarely use the front doors.

Openers manufactured before 1993 did not have automatic reversal systems. Instead, they relied on mechanical systems. As a result, the chances of causing injuries or crushing when operating the old models were high.

Therefore, by replacing them, you and other residents in your property will be safer. Consider buying ones with two auto reversal systems. Once you have purchased them, inspect regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.

5. They’ll Keep Intruders Away

The remotes of some garage remotes are programmed using a series of DIP switches, which makes it easy for potential intruders to receive signals for entering your property. New models utilize advanced technology, such as rolling codes. So, new codes are generated every time you press the remote control. Some doors use technology that can generate up to billions of codes. Finally, if you’re thinking about garage door opener replacement or garage door opener installation, consider hiring an expert. One of the benefits of working with professionals is that they have the right skills for the job. A professional who specializes in garage door replacement is also conversant with all tasks involved during the work and will take less time to complete a project. Additionally, professional service providers such as Local Garage Door Pros offer guarantees.
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