Safe Garage Door Repair Service During the Coronavirus in Tampa

While the COVID 19 pandemic has dramatically altered life in the Tampa area for many of our clients, some things have not changed. As always, you need to keep your home well-maintained so that it can properly safeguard you, your loved ones and your belongings. As long as your garage door functions well, it plays an important role in the security of your home. Unfortunately, the garage door’s many components can wear out or break. When this happens, you understandably need to schedule local garage door repair service promptly.

Local Garage Door Pros continues to provide our valued clients with fast, quality repair service throughout the coronavirus pandemic and in the future.

Essential Garage Door Repair Services in Tampa

With coronavirus in Tampa FL and beyond, many of the businesses that you normally rely on to provide goods and services may not be open for business at the moment. In many cases, those businesses that remain open have altered their work hours or have made major changes to how they serve their customers.

Garage door repair and maintenance services are considered to be essential, and this means that our experienced experts are permitted to continue serving our customers as usual. Your garage door may require repair work on any day of the week, and we assure you that our professionals will be available to answer your call as we have always done.

Our Efforts to Keep You and Your Family Safe

As important as it is for your damaged garage door to be repaired quickly and correctly, we know that your primary concern is the well-being of everyone in your home. Our repair technicians typically will not need to enter the living area in your home to complete the garage door repair services that are needed. However, we still take every reasonable precaution to keep your space as sanitary as possible. We assure you that our technicians are healthy and will use protective gear like face masks to reduce the spread of germs throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. Additional steps may be taken to maintain safe social distancing, and our team is happy to answer all of our questions when you make an appointment. We want you to feel safe and confident when we visit your home for garage door repair services.

Your Trusted Source for All Garage Door Repair Needs

Has your garage door opener stopped working? Does the garage door only partially open or close? Whether you are dealing with these or other sources of frustration, we assure you that one call to our local garage door repair company will yield the fast resolution that you need. Our services range from torsion and extension spring repairs to broken cable replacements, track repairs, garage door opener repairs and more. In some cases, maintenance services rather than repairs are needed. We are a full-service garage door repair company, so there is no project that is beyond our abilities.

Quality Workmanship with a Focus on Efficiency

The coronavirus in Tampa FL has caused many local residents to experience considerable stress related to finances, health, job security and more. We believe that you should not have to worry about the condition of your home or the quality of work that repair technicians do. As always, our skilled garage door specialists will instill quality workmanship into all services that we complete.

While efficiency is also our focus, we never cut corners to save time. More than that, when replacement parts are needed to repair your home’s garage door, we assure you that we will use durable parts that you can count on. We stand behind our parts and our labor with a limited-time warranty, and we will happily provide you with the details when we visit your home to address your current garage door repair needs. To further ensure efficiency, our technicians always travel with the equipment and replacement parts that are needed to complete most repair requests. This ensures that we can usually meet all of our customers’ needs on the first visit.

Local Garage Door Pros is properly insured and is staffed by respectful professionals who focus on customer satisfaction. We continue to provide repair services during the coronavirus pandemic with extended business hours and with weekend and overnight availability upon request. Whether your garage door is making unusual sounds when it opens or closes, it is stuck in one position or it is showing other concerning signs, we are ready to help. Call our office today to request an appointment with our technicians.
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