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The garage door springs on your garage door do a lot of heavy lifting. Their job is critical, and having an operational garage door at all times is essential. The torsion springs on your garage door, store mechanical energy that is utilized when you lift the garage door. This is why a 200 pound garage door can be opened with very little effort if installed correctly. The more torsion springs in your garage door system, the more it can hypothetically lift itself. Additionally, multiple springs allow for the tension created by the weight of the garage door, to be spread over a larger amount of metal thus reducing the progressive deterioration of the springs. For example, when only one torsion spring is used, it can apply an uneven force to the brackets and braces that hold it in place above the garage door. When upgrading to two springs, the second spring can balance the horizontal force, effectively eliminating the unnecessary pressure on the braces. Furthermore, in the case that one of your torsion spring breaks, the second will still balance out some of the garage doors weight, making it possible to open.

If you are considering the longevity of your garage door system, the torsion springs should be your first thought. There is no reason to wait, until your garage door springs break and you are unable to open your garage door, to upgrade to a stronger system. At Local Garage Door Pros, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find a spring torsion system that suits your garage needs.



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