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The complete line of Screen America products include:


Motorized roll-up screens


Industrial motorized roll-up screens


Motorized roll-up vinyls (available with screen inserts)


Architectural motorized roll-up screens


Our Top of the line screens

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SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens are manufactured only by Screen America Corporation! These quality products are designed primarily for the retrofit residential market and can be installed on existing homes or used in light commercial settings.

Notice how the SKEET’R BEAT’R can protect your privacy without obstructing your view!

The screens are retained in powder-coated aluminum housings and the mesh selection includes a wide variety of colors in insect, sun, and privacy control options.

Your area can be either open or screened with only the push of a button! Remote group controls and specialized controls for use with home automation systems are available as well!


YELLOW JACKET© Motorized Commercial Screens are destined to become the industry standard for rugged commercial motorized screens! The YELLOW JACKET© from Screen America Corporation is high quality, extra heavy duty, easy to install, maintain, and service…and it’s made in America!

The standard YELLOW JACKET© is designed for any large building opening where it is necessary to let light and air in while keeping insects, birds, lizards, animals, dirt and wind blown debris out. It may also be used to restrict access and reduce visibility from the outside while providing shade from the hot sun.

The YELLOW JACKET© allows the night shift to work without bugs, birds, and bats flying around inside, and still take advantage of the fresh cool night air!


The WEATHERSHIELD motorized roll-up vinyl is foul weather gear for your outdoor room!

OUR NEW WEATHERSHIELD is a line of retained marine quality vinyl panels designed to keep out wind and rain or excessive heat and cold. Areas enclosed by WEATHERSHIELD can be heated or air-conditioned to provide comfort in any season, while still permitting a near perfect view to the outside.

Typical residential applications include lanais and porches to extend seasonal use in cooler weather, or to allow the space to be used during driving rainstorms. They can also offer frost protection for your tender tropical plants!

WEATHERSHIELD offers customization; screen mesh panels can be integrated with the vinyl, allowing for air circulation while still maintaining protection from the elements!

WEATHERSHIELD can be used for commercial applications such as restaurants where roofed open-air dining areas can be uncomfortable due to inclement weather.


Elegance and complete integration into your architectural plans…Automated roll-up screens are the newest technology for large openings! At the touch of a button, ROLECTRIC Architectural Screens provide the ideal environment for insect, sun, and privacy control.

ROLECTRIC Architectural Screens have been designed to be hidden inside the architectural openings as an integral part of the structure. These screens should be considered at the earliest conception of the building’s design.

Our patented design keeps the screening fabric in the side tracks providing an insect barrier for openings up to 20 feet wide! When the screens are lowered, there is minimal reduction in ambient light, outward visibility, and air flow. The screens roll up and vanish behind false headers, valances, or external housings when not in use.


The CLIMATROL PROTECTION SYSTEM is a combination of our SKEET’R BEAT’R, ROLECTRIC, and the WEATHERSHIELD product lines. This design allows you to have the best insect, solar, and foul weather defense! The screen mesh allows you to enjoy the cool breeze; but when foul weather approaches, you can simply roll down the vinyl to be protected from the elements!


  • Open-air dining areas to deter insects or protection from inclement weather


  • Porches
  • Lanais
  • Entry Ways

The screen and vinyl are housed in our superb dual-tracked system which can be built into your structure’s architecture, or retrofitted for overhead mounting. CLIMATROL PROTECTION SYSTEMS are powered by Somfy Systems high-quality motors and electronics, and come with our outstanding warranty!