Typical garage doors will open at a standard height of 7-8 feet.
Most garage interiors traditionally have a ceiling height as high as 12-15 feet. This conversion allows for better use of the garage space. With this conversion, we reroute the garage door to a level that is closer to ceiling height.
This change can give you a few extra vertical feet of space.
The actual garage door opener operational motor that is usually found on the ceiling is relocated, usually off to the side on a wall which keeps the mechanism conveniently out of the way.

It has long been a practice to store things in the upper areas of the garage.
The location traditionally used as the location of the garage door opener takes away from that potential storage space.
The high lift conversion can be the answer to giving you back some of that space.

What is involved in a high lift garage door conversion?

With a high lift conversion, we modify the existing garage door to open at a higher arc. When the garage door is opened, it will rest at a higher level inside the garage space. We take the existing door and add new tracks, springs, cables, and drums. We remove the garage door opener operations from the ceiling and install them on the wall. This allows us to accommodate higher lift tracking. At project completion, the garage door opens by arching closer to the ceiling height. You can see that the garage door opener mechanism has been neatly relocated to the wall next to the door.