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Repair Your Broken Garage Door Cables

If your garage doors are simply not budging no matter what you try, it just might be a broken cable holding your doors back. Though made to withstand plenty of weight, garage door cables have a shelf life like any other hardware, and from time to time they simply fray, detach or even simply snap!

At Local Garage Door Pros, we always keep hundreds of feet of cable on hand and offer same-day repairs and replacements for any sort of broken garage door cable. We work fast and diagnose problems immediately, then have our skilled technicians expertly install new cables that will stand the test of time. Call us today to see how we can take care of those broken cables for you.

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How to Know if Your Cables Are Broken

When your doors won’t open, there are a number of issues that could be causing the stoppage. It may be a faulty opener, it could be locked springs, it could even be a jam in the rollers on your tracks. One of the clearest signs that your cables may be to blame however is if you can hear the motor running but see little or no motion in your door.

Broken cables also often occur on only one side of the door, causing doors to seemingly shake, rattle, or lose stability when going up and down. If your door seems to suddenly not be making a smooth trip from floor to ceiling, broken cables might just be the culprit!

Why Fix Your Cables Fast?

of a garage door works in tandem to create a smooth open-close function, so things like broken cables can have a snowball effect — that is, if they aren’t already preventing your doors from opening altogether!

When your cables malfunction, your door may rattle and grind thereby doing damage to the tracks…the damaged tracks may affect the door rollers…door rollers jamming may hurt the door edges…and on and on we go.

Your best bet? Fix or replace those cables now to avoid far more expensive repairs down the line!

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You never want to let your garage door start to age faster than your home. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your garage door cables installation and see the difference it makes to work with the best in the business. 

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