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When it comes to protecting your business, your garage door and warehouse doors play an essential role. Your doors can also increase productivity and maintain high levels of output if they run smoothly — and just the opposite if they wear or break down!

At Local Garage Door Pros, we have been helping small to mid-sized businesses all over the Tamp area fix, replace or install commercial garage doors and parts of all kinds.

Roll Up Door Repairs

Is your commercial roll up door sticking, grinding or flat out not coming up and down? From track fixes to door or cable replacements and everything in between, our skilled team can easily make sure your roll up doors are doing just that — rolling up — to perfection.

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Commercial Sectional Door Repairs

Properly repairing or installing a commercial sectional door is an art form few teams gave mastered. Being off by even a fraction of an inch can doom sectional doors right from the start, and no one wants to replace a door within a matter of years.

At Local Garage Door Pros, our repair techs meticulously measure and lean on years of experience installing all manners of commercial sectional doors throughout the Tamp area.

Commercial Garage Door Part Repairs

What kind of garage door specialists would we be if doors were all we knew. Learn more about the various garage door parts we service, replace and install.

garage door spring replacement in Tampa fl


Keep your doors descending safely and dent free. Let our commercial team evaluate and repair/replace your damaged or broken garage door springs.


Without properly measured, installed and maintained cables, your garage door is just a wall or a hole… we can help you fix it so your business wins.


Drums are the unsung hero of your garage door system and one of our favorite to repair for commercial clients throughout the Tampa area.

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