Commercial roll-up doors can either be a series of four or five horizontal panels that are affixed to each other or a single rigid panel. The mechanism rolls up to the ceiling. These doors are easy to use. They are composed of durable materials that can stand up to storms and hurricane-force winds. Once installed, they need very little maintenance as long as they are washed on a regular schedule. Best of all, they provide exceptional security.

The moment you notice a roll-up door is off track, you need to secure the immediate area. While the repairs themselves are usually simple, there is always a danger of the roll-up door, also known as a curtain, spinning out of control.

How is a commercial roll-up door repaired?

Roll-up doors usually malfunction due to loose or broken screws or a broken spring. During the repairs, the curtain is carefully unrolled and removed from its spool. The curtain is then carefully lowered to the ground and inspected for damage. Damage to the curtain can be dents or accumulation of dirt and debris. Once the door is secured, the spool and tracks are examined. If there are broken springs or misaligned tracks, the springs will be replaced and the end caps for the spool will be riveted back in place. Once the spool is secured, the tracks will be checked for alignment, broken cables, obstructions, and debris. When the technician is assured that everything is in working order, it will be time to make sure the curtain is working well.

If there is a lot of damage to the curtain itself, it may prove to be more cost-effective to replace it. The curtain needs to be set on its tracks and rolled back up on its spool. Once the technician determines that the door is functioning properly, the area will once again be considered secure.