Local Garage Door Pros are Experts in garage door repair and new Garage Door Installation in the Tampa Bay Area.
Like humans, garage doors don’t last forever. And if your garage door is more than 20 years old, you may want to consider replacing it with a newer, safer, easier to operate the door. And when it comes to installing new garage doors or garage door repair, we are your local garage door pros in Tampa. So today, we’ve provided you with a video to show you exactly how to remove your old garage doors and install your new garage doors.

Step 1: Release tension

Step 2: Disconnect the existing opener and remove the door

Step 3: Install your new door panels

Step 4: Secure the hinges

Step 5: Install your track

Step 6: Attach spring assembly to the track

Step 7: Bolt tracks together

Step 8: Install springs, torsion rod, and pulleys

Step 9: Attach the cable

Of course, these are just generalized instructions on how to put together your new door, but you can watch the video to see how to follow each step.

Why is it so important to reinstall new garage doors?

  • For safety purposes – older garage doors can be a major safety concern, and if not replaced or repaired, could cause accidental injury to you or a loved one. New garage doors are a much safer alternative.
  • For your security – Your garage is an entrance to your home. And if your garage door is left open or broken, you are allowing easy access into your space. Garage door repair can, however, help to raise the security of your home.
  • For aesthetic purposes – Your garage is one of the first things people see when they look at your home. If your garage door is broken or damaged, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. Don’t let people judge you by a broken garage door – We are your local garage door pros and we are here to help with all of your garage door service needs! Watch our video for a quick step by step tutorial on how we repair your garage doors.Local Garage Door Pros provide the following services in the Tampa Bay Area.- New garage door installations
    – New commercial roll-up door installations
    – Garage door repair
    – Garage door sells
    – Garage Door ServiceTo see more about this project check out our project page

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