Torsion springs are by far the most important part of any garage door and consequently they are the leading cause of most garage door repairs. Fatigued or broken springs can even account for garage door opener issues, even though they may seem unrelated can sometimes lead to a door replacement. The sole purpose of the spring system is to counterbalance the entire weight of the garage door, and when done effectively, the door will appear fairly light and balanced. Just remember, a garage door is basically a 200 pound (in some cases even more) steel barrier that rolls up and down vertically. Without the spring system providing a counterbalance, it becomes extremely difficult to lift without additional aids. Today, almost all garage door openers have security measures within them to recognize a broken spring on a garage door. They recognize this issue through excessive weight, and they have protocols to stop operation until the springs are replaced. If the opener only raises the door 6-18 inches and then stops, chance are you have a fatigued spring at minimum, but more than likely one is broken.

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