Best Garage Door Security Tips That Will Keep Your Home Safe

Your garage keeps your vehicles safe and is one of the most important parts of your home. However, being at the forefront of your house, it is vulnerable to security breaches and more. Here are some of the best garage door security tips that will keep your home safe.

1: Add a Lock

While this tip may seem obvious, a lock adds an incredible amount of security to your garage. A number-based lock adds thousands of layers of security and buys you enough time to chase an intruder from your house. In addition, the simple presence of a lock is often enough to deter anybody from breaking in. As you might imagine, a larger lock is harder to cut through and also looks more intimidating. Locks with keys are also good options, although you’ll have to attach it to the bottom of the door because these tend to not fit as well. Regardless of where you put the lock, inform the entirety of your household with its passcode and how to open it in a hurry.

2: Keep The Door Shut

Even if you’re at home, it’s always a good idea to keep the garage door shut. Not only will this prevent debris from flying into the garage, but it makes the interior less visible and tempting to intruders. Similarly, when you leave your home, open and close the door to let your vehicle out and nothing more. With the proper technology, you can easily open the door without much of a hassle at all. Some people are inclined to keep the door partially shut for ventilation, but be aware the someone can sneak underneath if the gap is wide enough.

3: Block The Windows

As mentioned before, there’s no reason to disclose the contents of your garage any more than is necessary. If you’re not worried sunlight or visibility inside the garage, consider blocking its windows by shades or simply coloring the panels. If done properly, the windows will blend in with the rest of the door and there won’t be any sign of a paint job. Again, when people can’t see into your garage, you add a layer of privacy and protection for you and your loved ones. Out of all garage door security tips, this one is crucial if you live in a frequently traveled area.
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4: Carry The Key To The Door

Some car owners prefer to hide the door key under a potted plant or bench nearby the garage. While this is convenient when you’re in a hurry, it can seriously undermine the security of your garage. It may seem like a secure location, but thieves are aware of all of these common hiding spots and will be checking them first. If they get their hands on your garage door opener, they have full access to your garage and potentially even the rest of your home. Make sure to carry the key to the door in your wallet or pants when you go out.
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5: Implement a Security System

The most foolproof way to keep your garage safe is to implement a security system. This system can consist of cameras, monitors and motion detection devices. You can view the state of your garage while inside your home or even via your phone while you’re out and about. When the system detects an intruder, it will alert you right away, and depending on your settings, it can notify the police within minutes. As long as you test the security system every few months, it won’t fail to keep your garage safe and sound.

6: Garage Door Timer

A garage door timer is another great way to ensure that your door stays shut. After a certain period of inactivity, the timer will automatically shut the door as long as no objects are in the way. You can set this duration to be anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Keep in mind that a lot of doors already come with these capabilities. However, they may be limited, and an external garage door opener can lead to even more security and options. This timer can be controlled from inside the garage or outside the garage, perhaps within your home. These security tips may seem basic, but they’re supremely effective when used on a daily basis. Remember, protecting your garage protects the rest of your house and also your family. A resource such as Local Garage Door Pros can help you lock up your door once and for all.