Fighting Florida’s Heat: 5 Beaches & Lakes Near Wesley Chapel

Warm weather is fantastic, and if you live in Wesley Chapel(or you’re visiting), you’ll be getting a lot of it.

But sometimes even the biggest fans of the heat need some time to get away from it.

So what better way to fight the heat than with a relaxing day at the beach or a nearby lake?

We’ve gone and compiled a list of the top 5 beaches and lakes near the Wesley Chapel area, and to make things easy, each one of them is within an hour’s drive of Wesley Chapel.

So let’s get right into the

1: Experience The Small-Town Feel at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach isn’t just a beach, but rather a small town with a delightful atmosphere.

When you visit Clearwater Beach, you’ll be greeted with its unique small-town feel that gives the area a great vibe.

As for things to do, there’s the beach and waterfront, as well as loads of attractions, restaurants, and accommodations for if you’d like to stay for more than just one day.

This little town even has its own aquarium!

2: Great Photo Opportunities & Picnics at Cypress Point

This one is a bit different than the rest, Cypress Point Park is a great little place to visit, but it’s not necessarily the most friendly for swimming out of the list.

The location is small so you can get away from any crowds, and it makes for a fantastic area to have a picnic day or walk at.

There’s a jogging trail, a beach, a disc golf course, and various shelters you can rent for a day.

Overall, Cypress Point Park might not be the best swimming location, but that doesn’t mean it’s no fun by any means.

Cypress Point Park gets a thumbs up from us for just about any group, and it’s absolutely perfect for a family experience.

3: Go For a Run at Lake Hollingsworth

Lake Hollingsworth is one of the area’s most maintained lakes, and it certainly shows.

You can boat, swim, relax, or partake in the most famous activity for this lake — running!

Lake Hollingsworth is famous for being an excellent running, jogging, or walking trail, as you can go around the whole lake and take in the amazing views.

Whether you want to train for a run or relax with the family at one of Lake Hollingsworth’s beaches, you can’t go wrong here.

4: Take In The View at Lake Mirror

This little lake is tied for the best scenic walk on this list. (More on the other best scenic walk next)

Lake Mirror is another great place to get that small-town feel as you walk around the lake trail.

You can experience a nice walk(which is deceptively long, so be prepared for quite the exercise!), or you can go shopping and enjoy the many attractions along the way.

5: Spend Your Day Surrounded In Nature at Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Remember how we said that Lake Mirror is tied for the best scenery? Crews Lake Wilderness Park is the reason that it didn’t take the cake.

Located along the west shore of Crews Lake, this wilderness park spans 113 acres of nature that’s filled with breathtaking scenery; its a great place to go walking, kayaking, or even fishing.

If you want to get the most out of this gorgeous park, take a few different visits during the year so you can see the lake at multiple water levels, though if you’re looking to experience the water, make sure that it’s not a drought period.

The trail through the park itself is around 2.5 miles and winds through the forest along the shores.

There’s access for boating, observation towers, playgrounds, and even a railroad that offers rides on certain dates.

You can even reserve shelters like pavillions or call the railroad and reserve railroad rides for events like birthday parties.

Crews Lake Wilderness Park is an experience that we think you shouldn’t pass up if you live in the area or even if you’re just visiting.

Take In Florida’s Nature & Enjoy The Waters

As we said, whether you live in the area or you’re visiting, every one of these parks offers a great way to have a relaxing day that lets you escape the heat.

And another bonus: None of them are all too far from Tampa, either! So while you’re already nearby, maybe pay a visit to one of Florida’s most fun cities.

So have some fun, relax, and take in some nature at these five amazing lakes and beaches, you won’t regret it!