Does your garage need a facelift? Are you still dealing with an old-fashioned lift-up warped wooden garage door? You might want to think about the benefits of replacing your old garage door with a brand new one. The right new garage door will increase the energy efficiency in your home, and add to its curbside appeal.

Your home is your pride and joy. That pride should not end when you get to the garage. Garage doors should enhance your home. There are such a wide variety of colors and styles. For example, did you know that you can add a sense of depth to your garage door by choosing a raised panel design? There are two available style options, nine different color options, and eight wood-tone stain options. These doors are heavy enough to provide security and they are insulated against the elements.

When you have your garage door replaced, you will also be deciding on what type of garage door opener you will want. Do you like lots of storage in the upper area of your garage? A high lift tracking system will raise the door close to the garage ceiling and install the garage door opener mechanisms against the wall. This provides you with expanded storage space in your garage while still leaving plenty of room for your vehicles.

These days, garage doors are not just for garages. Our aluminum frame glass doors are great as one of the walls of your family room. Picture how bright your space could be with a wall of glass letting the light in. The design possibilities are endless.

Garage doors come in a wide range of materials. Some are lightweight while others are heavy-duty. There are even some wood options for the classic carriage door look and feel. Talk to your garage door expert to find out what your options are and to receive color samples so that you can make your best decision on your own time.