Garage Door Safety Tips During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has changed things for homeowners in different ways, including their relationship with their garage. The following are a few garage door safety tips we think you should keep in mind.
Stay on Top of the Sensor
One thing to keep in mind is your garage door’s sensor. You are at home more often, and you may have kids with you as well. This means you will be likely using your garage door for various reasons.

Maybe your family wants a change of scenery and decides to go into the garage, or maybe you start a project in your garage since you have more time at home due to the coronavirus. Whatever it may be, the sensor makes sure the garage door stops if it senses an obstruction.

Most of the time, you can see when a sensor is bad or needs replacing. The sensor lights should be on. If they start blinking or if you notice one of them is off, then something could be wrong. You’ll probably want to give professionals a call, like the Local Garage Door Pros to see what can be done about the sensor.

Address the Remote Controller

During the Covid 19 pandemic, you need to worry about the virus making its way to you. You have to wear a mask and worry about the things you touch, such as the remote controller that opens and closes the door to your garage.

The problem is some people may overlook this. They forget to disinfect the controller after touching it with dirty hands. People don’t know much about the coronavirus, but one thing that seems to be clear is that the virus can live on surfaces for a certain amount of time.

Even if you clean your hands before touching the controller, you’d be reinfecting your hands if you forgot to clean the controller. Do your best to be vigilant for your safety and the safety of your family.

To clean the controller, just dab a little disinfectant on your hands and lightly clean the controller. If you want to be a little safer, you may want to consider wrapping the controller inside a plastic bag or pouch that you can easily clean when you need to.
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Dealing With Repairs

Okay, a big part of keeping up with good garage door safety tips is making sure you are able to repair the garage should something go wrong. The idea of having a repair person come to your home during this Covid 19 pandemic may seem scary to some people.

The reality is it is scary, but there are good companies out there doing their best to keep you safe. For one, a good company is going to do most communication through emails, calls, or video calls. Even when a technician comes, they will remain a safe distance from you and your family. These are the kinds of steps we are taking here.

During the repairs, you will see the technician wear gloves to help keep your family and him or herself safe. Sure, the technician will be there to answer all of your questions but will do so from a safe distance.

It should also be pointed out that good technicians are also going to bring a disinfectant with them. This will be used to wipe down areas they touched during the job. It doesn’t hurt to do another wash afterward just to be safe, but that’s entirely up to you.

If you want to find out more, be sure to give us a call so that you can talk to us directly. You can ask about the precautions that will be taken if we visit your home and the kind of precautions we are taking in our workplace. Just like you, we are doing our best to keep each other safe during this deadly pandemic.
Be sure to consider all of this before you need help. It is better to call us and find out if you are comfortable with the safety precautions taken. If you aren’t comfortable, you have time to talk to another company until you feel confident. You won’t have the luxury of time if the door goes out on you.

Hopefully, this information helps you feel better about garage maintenance. Remember, even simple maintenance can be done with the help of a professional through the phone or a video call.
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