Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Clean During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our daily lives in the US and throughout the world. With a global pandemic, living life as usual can feel confusing and conflicting, especially if you are located in an area with strict quarantine rules and restrictions in place. In order to remain free and clear from catching this coronavirus, ensuring your home stays germ-free at all times is a must. Knowing how to keep your garage door clean during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential whether you drive to and from work each day or if you simply regularly spend time in your garage.

Gear Up

One of the first steps to take when you are planning to clean the door of your garage during the COVID-19 pandemic is to gear up with the proper PPE, or Personal Protection Equipment you need. Use latex gloves, proper N95 masks, and other protective gear that you see fit before you begin cleaning your door or touching outdoor surfaces, especially if you receive packages or have had visitors at your home recently. Wearing the proper gear will help to prevent the spread of potential virus germs while also protecting others around you from getting any germs or viruses you may be carrying.

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Traditional Soap and Water

Cleaning a standard door for a garage is not difficult, nor does it require an extensive or complex process to get started. If you want to clean your garage using a standard and traditional method, you will need to gather some form of the following supplies:

  • Cleaning Bucket
  • Warm Water
  • Rag/Gentle Scrub
  • Dish soap/Detergent
  • Hose (Optional)
  • Spring Roller for Cleaning Tall Garages


Simply fill your bucket with warm water and a few squirts of dish soap to use your rag or another cleaning device to wash your door clean. If you have immense dirt buildup or debris on your garage, you can also consider using your hose as well as a water power washer to eliminate any dirt, grime, and buildup that is causing your garage to appear dingy, outdated, and dirty.

If traditional soap and water are not helping to achieve the results you desire for your garage, you can consider opting for a garage cleaner by ordering a solution that is right for your garage type online. It is still advisable to skip visiting local stores, especially in locations where infections are rife and still continuing to spread.

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Avoid Touching Your Garage as Much as Possible

During the COVID-19 pandemic, minimizing contact with others is highly advisable to reduce the risk of coming in contact with the virus itself. If you are still commuting to work or running daily errands and parking your vehicle inside of your garage, it is best to avoid touching your garage as much as possible. Spending time in stores, driving to new locations, and purchasing items can all lead to picking up and spreading various virus germs, especially if you touch your garage each time you leave your home or arrive after running errands or working.

Use an Electronic Garage Opener

One way to completely eliminate the risk of spreading COVID-19 germs to your garage is to invest in an electronic door opener. An advanced electronic device tracks when your door has been opened and accessed to help you keep track of who has been using your garage and when to incentive you to keep it cleaned at all times.

Limit Access to Your Garage

To keep a clean garage door, limit access to your garage at all times. Inform members of your household of which door to use at all times during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially if they are also running errands or spending time away from home or at work. Having a plan of action in place can help you to properly monitor your garage door while also keeping specific areas of your home and major access points even cleaner while this coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe.

If you are in the process of moving during the COVID-19 pandemic or if you are thinking of moving but want to work with professionals to get the job done right, consider working with Local Garage Door Pros. By taking the proper precautions and turning to professionals in any time of need, maintain your peace of mind as you make your way through the global COVID 19 pandemic.

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